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Johns Creek Homes and Real Estate : Johns Creek Schools

Johns Creek is a new city incorporated six years ago, so i wanted to bring more awareness of why i think Johns Creek is the most desirable city to live in the northside of Atlanta.

After Milton city, Johns Creek city has highest median household income in Georgia State. The median household income is $106,950 and the average household income is $132,831. This puts Johns Creek in the top 9 wealthiest city in the nation with Sandy Springs with a population greater than 70,000. 16% of the Johns Creek residents make a household income of greater than $200,000.

Johns Creek city has state’s Top 1 public School ‘Northview’ and other 2 schools Johns Creek, Chattahoochee are in top 10 lists.

There is no other city/suburb in Georgia State which is sending 26% of their total students to top Georgia colleges GA Tech and UGA. Johns creek city (3 high schools: Northview, Chattahoochee and John’s Creek high combined) is sending 26% of their total students to top GA colleges GA. Tech and UGA.

Top 10 High Schools with % Students Enrolled to GA Tech and UGA

1. Northview High School (FULTON): 28.6% (50+114 out of 573) – Johns Creek, GA
2. Chattahoochee High School (FULTON): 25.6% (43+66 out of 425) – Johns Creek, GA
3. Alpharetta High School (FULTON): 21.7% (40+82 out of 561)
4. Milton High School (FULTON): 20.5% (39+82 out of 590)
5. Walton High School (COBB): 19.2% (38+88 out of 655)
6. Lambert High School (FORSYTH): 19% (15+61 out of 400)
7. Pope High School (COBB): 18.7% (22+67 out of 475)
8. Lassiter High School (COBB): 18.3% (15+68 out of 453)
9. Johns Creek High School (FULTON): 18% (14+16 out of 167) – Johns Creek, GA
10.Starr’s Mill High School (FAYETTE): 17.7% (23+54 out of 436)

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