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Northview High School in Johns Creek : rank #1 in state of Georgia

Not unlike its city’s other high schools, Northview High School is a School of Excellence and, since 2007, has held the State of Georgia’s second place for overall SAT Scores. (first place in Math), claiming the largest numerical improvement in test scores in 2004, 2005, 2006. Northview High School also holds the number one spot in Georgia for its highest ACT scores. Not surprisingly last year Atlanta Magazine named Northview High School ” The #1 high school in Atlanta.” and News week placed Northview 99th in its top 1000 high schools in the United States. The Advanced Placement program at Northview excels with 63% of the seniors completing at least on AP course and 83.1% scoring a 3 or high on exams. As expected, NHS students are well prepared for the future, with 92% moving on to four-year colleges.

The school also features an extremely diverse student body, with Korean, Chinese, East Asian, Indian, and African American Populations, and celebrates this diversity through a variety of intricately planned activities. For example, the Kaleidoscope Club, and organization focused on promoting the strength of diversity, hosts an International Night each fall featuring food, dance, and music from many of the 49 countries represented within its student body. Over 1400 students and parents attended the 2012 celebration.